Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boomer has a boo boo & other stuff

Boomer has a scratched cornea. He has to wear a cone to keep him from scratching at it. Being a loving doggie mommy, I took pictures of him in his cone. He's very good at looking pathetic. He is kind of pathetic. He's gotten better maneuvering with it on, but it's difficult. I feel bad for my poor puppy dog. So - here are some pictures of the Boom Doggie and his boo boo.

On another note - I talked to my mother today. She knows about the e-mail argument I had with my sister. She read all the e-mails. Obviously my sister showed them to her. How that came about, I don't quite know, but I'm pretty pissed about it. My mother says she was crying, so I don't know if that led to her showing my mother the e-mails or if she just went to my mother with them. Either way - your 40 years old, don't run to Mommy when you have a fight with someone. Grow up.

My mother is not taking sides. She says we both said things we should not have. Well, I told her that I didn't regret saying what I did to my sister, that it was time she took responsibility for her actions, that she didn't get a pass because she's in a bad spot in her life. In fact, I told her that I thought one of my sister's problems was that we always ignored that kind of stuff and picked up her messes for her - and she never had to do it on her own. I also told her that, had my sister simply apologized for her inconsiderate actions, it would not have escalated as it had. That's when I got criticized for being nasty in my first e-mail. It was definitely sarcastic. I still don't see it as nasty though. So, I'm upset. I have to admit that I don't like being told by my mother that I was wrong in any way. I did not expect her to be taking my side, but I didn't expect to be told I had done anything wrong. Guess that's a little part of me that hasn't grown up! In the end though, my sister should not have shown my mother the e-mails. The incident was between the two of us. I'm really pissed that she brought my mother into it. I don't know where this goes from here. As far as I'm concerned, the argument is over. I doubt though that there will be much, if any, communication between us for a while. She is still acting like a teenager. I posted some Christmas pictures on facebook and tagged her in some. She removed the tags. Now how childish can we get! The bottom line is - she did something wrong, got called on it and couldn't handle that, so she tried to make it about someone else and I wouldn't accept that. I don't intend to turn back from this course. I don't think I do her or anyone else any favors if I do. You know - so often she wants things to be all about her - even my wedding was something she tried to make about her. Well - this time it really all about her - and she wants it to be anything but. And she just doesn't get it. I hope someday she does or she'll never get her act together.

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