Friday, January 16, 2009

Favorite Photos?

None today. Two reasons. One, I didn't take any new photos this week - too busy at work - so I was just going to post oldies. Two, how could any photo I post beat the ones we saw on TV yesterday and in the newspaper this morning of the plane that ditched in the Hudson River. Amazing. A was not on duty, but I'm sure we'll be hearing lots of stories from his co-workers who were and who responded. Not only is this the exact kind of thing they do, it occurred mere blocks from their firehouse. The pilot deserves some kind of award. What he did was tremendous. He saved those people. Just tremendous. And then the ferry boat captains - from what I heard last night, they have no obligation, other than a moral one, to respond to such an incident. But they were the first ones there, hauling people out of the water, warming them up, bringing them to dry land. There was some kind of divine intervention there yesterday. But there were also New Yorkers who saw people in crisis and acted. If you live around here, you know not to believe that stereotype of New Yorkers as cold and too busy to help others. You know.

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