Monday, January 26, 2009

It's the little things...

...that can really get to me. Like my employee who hums kind of mindlessly and not well. The tunes are usually semi-recognizable but awful. And it's just plain annoying - not made better by the fact that she's overpaid for what she does, has an ego bigger than Lake Superior without the goods to back it up and I just wish she would freakin' retire already. Then there's the fact that my husband likes to take his jacket off when he comes home and put it on MY chair at the dining room table. Why not his chair or one of the chairs that we never use? Why MY chair? Add to it that sometimes he sits in MY chair? Does he not realize I am a creature of habit and need certain things a certain way? Actually he does realize this in general, I just don't think he's figured out that the chair thing is part of it. Next on the list - people who are not ready for green lights and people who stop the stop line. Re: the green lights - I don't expect you to bolt when it turns green, as that can be dangerous (people do run red lights) but be prepared to proceed within a short time frame. Re: the stop line people - what's your problem people? Do you not realize that you are now creating a bad situation, making it harder for people to turn into that street or requiring that they veer into the other lane to pass you?

Somedays, the little things put me close to exploding - so I guess they are not so little.

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Aims said...

You have the best vents ever. I SO enjoy reading them! :)