Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just thoughts

Thank you to my friends who reached out to me yesterday. It was much appreciated. I'm doing better today, still a tinge of sadness, but much much better.

A is a peach. He knew I was sad, though like I suspected had not realized why. Anyway, I got home from work around 9:15 - and there on the kitchen counter was a vase filled with a dozen roses. With the flowers was a card - a beautiful card saying how much he loved me. I'm sitting here welling up with tears again just thinking about it. Boy did I luck out in the husband department. He's not perfect, none of us are, but he's perfect for me.

I'm trying to work on some self-enrichment this year - learning new things, exploring culture, etc. I thought that one of the things I should do is read all of Shakespeare's sonnets. After all, I have the Complete Works of William Shakespeare in a handsome (not) multi-volume set. Okay - maybe I'm missing something - but these sonnets just don't do it for me. I loved the Shakespeare classes I took in high school and college, but I don't know why I ever bought The Complete Works of William Shakespeare in that handsome (not) multi-volume set - other than to impress visitors to my home? After I manage to slog my way through all of the sonnets, I think the handsome (not) multi-volume set of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare will have to find a new home. I'm thinking Robert Frost may be more to my liking. I have his complete works too. It's just one book though.

Tonight, another budget meeting - but such fun we will have. Tonight, we get to worship at the altar of LPB, librarian of the best library in the state, no - the country, no - make that the world - wait, really, it's the galaxy. I kid you not. My boss says it's a cult. I think he's right. Should be fun.

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