Monday, January 12, 2009


I really don't like Mondays. Unless it's a holiday. Getting up after the weekend is so hard. It doesn't help when the dog gets me up 3 times during the night. Then - when the alarm clock goes off, he's still snoozing. It doesn't help when I'm in a semi-depression because the Giants lost to the Iggles. I'll be rooting for Arizona on Sunday!

It's been kind of amusing to watch Boomer try to navigate the snow this weekend. We had sleet after the snow, so there's a crust on it. It's not enough to hold his weight, so he breaks through and slides around a little. He does love the snow though. He had fun going out on Saturday during the storm. He would run around the yard - just prancing through the snow. He really likes it! He's doing pretty well with the cone. He hasn't tried to take it off and he's navigating rather well with it on. A thinks he's even learned to use it to nudge us. The kind of sad thing is he can't really play with it on. He has trouble picking up his toys with it on. I feel bad for the little guy. He's even being pretty good about letting us put the drops in his eyes.

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Busy Momma said...

awe, poor Boomer. My mom's dog used to have a cone quite often cuz he got bad itches on his back, it was so hard to watch him walk around so sad and pathetic with it on. Hope Boomer's eye heals soon.
hugs for the crap you're going thru with your sister, some people never learn.