Thursday, March 31, 2011


  • Traffic sucked this morning.  I'm almost always 10 minutes or so late for work.  But thanks to traffic, it was a full 30 minutes today.
  • Why do people go the speed limit or less, but then just do a polite pause (if that) at stop signs? 
  • Bit of a problem with payroll to start the day at work, but we've dealt with it.  Now just waiting to see if our employee-most-likely-to-go-postal will give us a hard time over it.
  • Last night at the gym, I was walking to the treadmill to wipe it down after my run and saw the woman on the treadmill next to me from behind.  She had a rather generous behind and it was moving in multiple directions at once.  Besides the slight fascination with how much it was moving, I thought with horror "Oh My God!  What do I look like from behind!"  Scary thought!
  • My loser neighbors continue to be just that.  How I wish they would move.
  • Last day of light duty for A today.  Yay for me!  No more 5 am wakeups!!
  • I'm almost done with what is perhaps the most ambitious knitting project I have taken on to date.  It is a lace capelet knit in two pieces - the center panel and a border.  Tonight, I will be picking up 448 stitches along the border, then doing a three needle bindoff to join it to the center panel. It will be gorgeous.  Pictures will follow.
  • I've started the log cabin for the niece or nephew to be.  I think it will be beautiful, colorful anyway.  I plan to do six or eight log cabin blocks, then join them.
  • Two weeks to Vegas baby!  Never been - looking forward to it.  Must go through closet and see what fits so I can get packed.
  • I've been without my home computer since Sunday afternoon.  I'm having Facebook Bejeweled withdrawal!

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