Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another step closer

I'm down another pound!  Yay!  I was kind of worried Sunday when I weighed myself and was up a little.  But I kept in mind that weight can fluctuate weirdly sometimes, it could just be water weight.  And it looks like I was right.  I didn't really do anything different this week, but I was only out to dinner once.  I had one beer that night and that was it.  It wasn't because of the diet, it was because I was looking at a 1 hour ride home, including going up and over a mountain.  Okay, a big hill - but it's a really, really big hill with windy, twisty roads.  I also added a little bit of weights to my working out.  I'm serious about the little part.  I'm only working on my arms right now, because I'm doing this at home.  My arms are my worst part - that double goodbye is really bad.  I'm considering changing gyms to one that will be closer to home and that offers more - like classes and a pool.  It will be more expensive, not a lot more but enough that I will feel guilt if I don't go.  So, I need to think about it, since during the summer, it's so much easier to get my exercise by walking in the neighborhood.

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Jen said...

Congrats...every pound counts. I have been using FitnessPal.com and tracking everything I eat and in a month have lost 3.5 lbs. It is slower than I would like, but at least it is something. I was walking and going to the gym (back in Feb.), but stopped the gym, but still did the walking. Now have to decided if still want to belong to the gym - just can't seem to get there even though it is 7 mins from the house. With the nice weather coming, I prefer to be walking outside instead too.