Monday, April 02, 2012

Pictures! OMG!

It's been a while since I've posted pictures - so here are some knitting ones.  And Boomer too.  The first few are of my latest finished object.  I have fallen in love with a new yarn - plucky knitter primo fingering.  So soft, beautiful colors.

 Next up is a baby blanket - easy pattern, simple cables, pick up stitches around the edges and do a broken rib pattern.  I love the color combination.  I may have posted these before.

 Emmy's sweater - just so cute - even if posted before, it deserves another showin.
 And Boomer - doing what he does best, sleeping.  Can you believe the position he will get in sometimes!  Obviously the dog has no modesty.


Erin said...

Great FO's! Love the colors in the shawl and the little sweater is adorable. Always love seeing Boomer pics. Very happy puppy!

Sarah Reads Too Much said...

Boomer needs pants.

I love your knitting projects! You have quite a talent.

loribeth said...

Oh my gosh, those blankets look so soft & cuddly. : ) And I LOVE that little pink sweater!!