Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No movement to speak of

I kind of expected it just before I got on the scale - no change.  I wasn't really bad during the week, but I wasn't perfect either.  And exercise suffered.  But, the budget is done, so it's back to only one night meeting a month.  That means I should be able to get some more exercising done.  I've got about 5 pounds to go to get to my goal.  Honestly, I would like to go a little bit further, and I will try.  But 5 more pounds is a must.  It's a good feeling as I'm fitting into clothes I couldn't wear last summer - or at least could not wear comfortably.  I've never been one to be able to wear pants that are tight around my waist.  Whenever I see someone who clearly had to lay down and suck it in to button their pants, I wonder how they can stand it - but that's them, not me.  Anyway, I'm not thrilled to see no movement this week, but I'm not worried or giving up.  I'll be doing my best to stick to the diet and get lots of exercise in this week.

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