Monday, September 10, 2007

And the winner is....

weight watchers. I decided that would be the easiest for me to manage. I'm on my third day and so far, so good. I've had moments of "I'VE GOT TO EAT SOMETHING BAD FOR ME AND NOW" but I'm managed to overcome them. Tonight, I plan to get myself some veggies to cut up and use for snackage. I think that I may try to mix some of the South Beach principles in there - can't hurt - right?

My doggie has kennel cough - got it at the kennel! Poor puppy. He really doesn't like taking his meds, but we're getting them in him. The cough medicine makes him drowsy. It's kind of funny to see him zonk out! Being the mean old nasty selfish peoples that we are, we give him the evening dose shortly before bed time! Hey - he's got to take the medicine - no reason we shouldn't benefit from it too!

The audit is upon me. It doesn't seem too bad so far. I got a lot done over the weekend to prepare. I have only a few entries left and the footnotes, md&a and transmittal. Half of that stuff usually waits until later anyway. The good old BOE is holding me up on stuff - pain in my butt.

Happy Thought for the Day - I will get to sleep with A. every night for the next two weeks.

Life list
5. Visit every major league baseball park. (I have been to 5 so far, if I count stadiums that are now closed.)

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