Friday, September 07, 2007

...for tomorrow I may diet...

yup - got to start - the fat pants are getting snug - so tonight I party, for tomorrow I may diet

What the heck happened? I was doing well, in a groove, staying pretty stable - then August happened. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Seriously though - let's add it up...

  • golf outing - copious amounts of beer and other fun food
  • 3 different Fire Department pickups - yup - copious amounts of beer and fun food
  • vacation at Mom's - appetizers every night and copious amounts of wine
  • my birthday - birthday cakes, birthday dinners, birthday drinks, etc

I have to figure out how I am going to do this. I've done Weight Watchers and South Beach before and both work. I do wish I had stuck with the South Beach Diet, but when we moved, I got slack. I've tried going back - but something always gets me off track. It's a guaranteed winner and it is healthy eating. But - breakfast is a toughie. A is off to rescue school for two weeks, which means I will have morning dog duty 4 days a week which in turn means limited time for breakfast preparation - unless, that is, I want to get up early or otherwise alter my morning routine. I am a creature of habit. I think it goes with being a Virgo - I need to stick to my routines. So - if I do SB starting now, that means figuring out something for breakfast other than scrambled eggs 4 days/week. It also means I really should do salads for lunch - that's been the best for me when on South Beach.

I could do Weight Watchers again. Again - healthy eating habits and it makes you consider your options, which is really good practice. I don't want to go to meetings though. If there isn't the dreaded weigh-in with a person other than myself - so that I can't lie or fudge - will I stick to it? Was that a key factor in WW working for me in the past? That need to please the weigh-in woman? I suppose if I think that's key, A could weigh me in. Can't trust the Boom Doggie to do that, he's not good with numbers. The other thing with WW is that you have to be dilgent and record everything you eat and you have to calculate points. I think I would have to sign up for the online program. Advantage SB here - no cost. WW has an advantage in that there are basically no banned foods - not even alcohol! I do think though, looking back on my August history, that I should stay off the sauce for a bit as I'm sure that was a major factor in my weight gain.

I don't like the Atkins diet. I could do the Special K thing, Special K for two meals a day and watching what I eat in between. I just don't see myself doing Jenny Craig or Nutri-system. I don't really like the idea of dieting by eating their food. What happens when you are done losing and need to transition back to preparing your own food? I've done hypnosis - and that really worked. I could do it again, I still have my tape. The thing is, in the tape, the hypnotist refers to me getting healthy as I'm trying to get pregnant. Do I want to listen to that? Reality is that we are still trying and it was after doing the hypnosis and losing some weight that I did get pregnant - so maybe I should dig that out.

I'm not sure what else is out there. I don't really trust myself to just "eat sensibly" in order to lose weight. I've also started doing some weight lifting and pilates again to help me be more fit. I need to kick up the cardio. The dog walks are not quite doing it. I'm thinking it would be good for all three of us - me, A and Boomer - to get out there for longer walks. Maybe this will be the time I maintain my weight level for a good long time. Hey - it could happen. Really.

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Monica said...

Kate, try the three hour diet. it's actually working very well for me (and I've tried WW and SB too). email me if you want to chat about it.