Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bulky Waste Day

Today is bulky waste day in my neighborhood. It's kind of neat to see what people put out. You can see who has replaced their old computer or sofa. You know who has done a lot of yard work recently. I like bulky waste day. As a resident I like it. As a finance director - bulky waste days are expensive. My town does it EVERY WEEK! As a homeowner - it's great. Whatever you want to get rid of - put it on the sidewalk. It's gone - either a scavenger will pick it up or the public works crew. My contribution this week is a few old knickknacks, a plastic mail tray and a dead bunny. Before you get the wrong idea about my doggie - he did not kill the bunny. Not that he didn't want to, but he's innocent. I found it dead in our front yard this morning. I feel bad for the bunny and his extended bunny family, but it should be a little easier taking the dog out at night now that there's no bunny for him to chase.

Continuing with the bulky waste theme - don't you wish we could have a bulky waste day for our life problems, work issues, relationships, family members? This week I would throw my brother's wife on the bulky waste pile. Oh heck - who am I kidding - I would throw her out there any week. Maybe actually today I wouldn't put her out there because it happens to be my brother's birthday. (I sent a card. Mailed it Monday so he should have it on time, unlike the card he sent me.) I might throw the Giants defense on the bulky waste pile too. I would like to add a couple of board members, my weight problems, my knuckle cracking habit and my flabby arms. If only it were that easy.

Happy Thought for the Day....I love my morning walks with the dog in this weather. It's cool and crisp out. It feels so fresh and new. I love that we have the world mostly to ourselves.

Life List #7 Beat my older sister at Monopoly or Risk - either one - doesn't matter, so long as I WIN!

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dumpster dive!!