Friday, September 14, 2007


Really - TGIF! That's my happy thought for the day - do we need more? The auditors leave today - not that it's all done - but the big pressure is off. I am going to have a weekend! I am going to sleep late tomorrow. Did you hear that Boomer? I do love my dog. I think he's very cute. But - when he get's up at 4 am and wants to play, roam the house, lick my face, lick A's face - then he's not quite so cute. I am not going to work tomorrow. In fact, I'm going to the UCONN game and I plan to have fun! Did you hear that UCONN? You need to win - that's part of the having fun part. I have been saving my "bonus points" on weight watchers so that I can indulge a little on Saturday. I don't want to go too far though - just a couple of beers and a bigger lunch than I would normally have. That's all.

Just some generic comments on life
  • people need to learn how to merge onto a highway. That should be covered in driver's ed.
  • kids will play with anything that amuse them - last night one of our friend's stopped by with his 8 year old - the kid was happy as could be just clomping around with one of A's boots on
  • I think I could be happy with only 3 seasons - spring, summer and fall - if I had to, I would make do with 2 of the 3 and would happily give up summer if I could have spring and fall all year
  • pink is a good color for me, I should wear more of it
  • every house should have a front porch - they are just the best thing for a neighborhood

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