Monday, September 17, 2007

Really Important People

I saw someone really important today. I have no idea who he is - but he's definitely important. He does not have to stop at stop signs and he can park wherever he wants. Today he parked in a space reserved for the elderly, but because he's really important, it doesn't matter that he is, at worst, middle aged. This town I work in is full of really important people and their really important children. You know them - the kind that park in fire lanes because they are so important they just have to be able to get in and out fast. Or they park behind someone else, trapping them because clearly, those other people are just on the bottom of the food chain and no where near as important as said really important people. Then there's the really REALLY important people. They get to park in the handicapped spots because it would be dreadful if that really REALLY important person was not able to get in and do his business as fast as possible. Let me tell you - I would like my doggie to do his business on that really important person's car!


Lauren said...

Sometimes the lesser people have a duty to let air out of the important people's tires when they park in the handicap spots - and then call the police.


Kate B said...

oooh Lauren - clever idea - I actually have called the cops on them. It helps when you have the chief's direct line and you're one of his favorite co-workers (at least he tells me I am).