Friday, January 11, 2008

Dancing Deer Baked Goods

OMG - this stuff is good. A Chocoholic's delight! A dieter's nemesis! A vendor sent me some stuff from dancing deer last year. I was so disappointed before Christmas when I got a little wallet sized notepad with a calculator from said vendor. Then - Wednesday - I walk into my office and there it is. The box. OMG! Last year I got 2 packages each of Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Brownies. This year, I got those as well and a chocolate espresso cake. I am usually a kind considerate person and share such goodies with everyone in the office. Well - I wasn't 100% kind. I kept one package of the cookies and one of the brownies all for me. Okay - giving myself a little credit, I did bring the brownies home and they are on the counter for A to have one if he wants. Not that I told him or that they are somewhere he might notice them - but if he finds them, I will not deny my beloved a brownie. But would I rather he not see them? So that I can have them all to myself? YAH! Who you kidding! My name is Kate and I'm a chocoholic. These are not helping my diet. Not at all. But - I shouldn't be wasteful. These are baked goods and without preservatives, so they need to be eaten in a timely fashion. Cleaning my plate, so to speak.
And the boxes they came in are neat too.
Seriously, if you need to send a gift to a chocoholic, They're the bomb.

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