Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happiness is....

...a warm towel. Today anyway. When I got in the shower this morning, I draped my towel over the radiator, thinking maybe it would be nice if it was warmed up. It surely was. Now I want a towel warmer, but have no place for it. That will be on my list when we renovate the house. Until then, putting the towel on the radiator will have to do. I hope that's not a fire hazard.

....cuteness from my dog. Sometime last night, Boomer got a loop from an afghan wound around one of his dog tags. He came down from the 3rd floor to the 2nd with it trailing behind. He slept in his own bed most of the night with it attached to him. A and I had no idea until this morning when we got up and he came to stand by my side of the bed - and didn't leave - so I looked down at him (I'm fairly blind without glasses on) and I see his little problem. Poor baby.

I feel a little lost sometimes - basically every time I see someone has joined "the club" or re-upped. Knowing that I'll probably never have membership is disconcerting. I'm happy for those who got to join - more for some than others and - okay - downright pissed that some people got membership and I didn't. I want to handle my disappointment. I want to be okay with not joining. On New Year's Eve, a friend who joined "the club" after some difficulty told me she was afraid to talk to me about it because she didn't want to hurt me. That made me sad too - because I'm happy for her. Why am I happy for some, but not all? Too cosmic to figure out. At least right now. I have a cold coming on. A dentist visit coming up. And no husband at home tonight. At least I have a cute puppy. And I had a warm towel this morning.

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