Tuesday, January 01, 2008


A & I went on a road trip last week. The Boom Doggie went to doggie vacation. We're back. It was fun - not as fun as it would have been if UCONN had won - but, fun none the less. So - some thoughts, comments, memories...

  • I added a new state to my list of states visited. Knock West Virginia off the list.
  • Sometimes I would really like to tell my navigation system to shut the F*** up.
  • Navigation systems should have an option for "scenic route".
  • Western Virginia has some very lovely scenery. Lots of cows too.
  • All Cracker Barrels look exactly alike.
  • Cracker Barrels have good food. We ate at least 4 meals at Cracker Barrels on the way. The best was the Reuben in Carlisle, PA that was followed up with a warm fruit cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream.
  • I need to start dieting again.
  • The people we tailgate with are pretty cool.
  • Charlotte was overrun with Husky fans last weekend. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing someone in blue and white.
  • UCONN needs a new offensive coordinator. 4th and inches and you don't send your 6'4" QB on a sneak? You send a back starting 3 yards back to try and get it? 'Nuff said.
  • UCONN Special Teams did a hell of a job. Good coaching Lyndon!
  • I don't think bands are a big thing in the ACC. Either that or Wake Forest left 2/3 of their band home.
  • UCONN's band is good and the kids have fun. Fans even stayed in the stands to cheer for our band.
  • UCONN fans are awesome and loyal.
  • Tailgating is fun even when you lose. Watching almost 40 year olds shotgunning beer is amusing.
  • Country music is not as bad as I thought it would be. As a trade-off for A doing all the driving - well - I got the better of that deal for sure.
  • NASCAR is growing on me. Seeing all the cars at the RCR museum was cool. Especially the wrecked cars.
  • I think I could deal with a Carolina winter.
  • I wish UCONN had won, but still, it was a great season. Next year I'm expecting big things.
  • It was nice to get home and to go pick up the Boom Doggie. I miss that little face when I'm away.

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A said...

Sounds like so much fun!!