Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random Thoughts

  • I am habitually late for work. It's just 10 minutes or so - but I just can't seem to get here on time. Today was worse than normal. I went to start drying my hair and looked at the clock and it was already the time by which I should be leaving the house. Oh well.
  • I arrived at work and the elevator was on the ground floor, door open, waiting for me. I don't usually take the elevator unless I'm carrying a lot of stuff - but this morning, it seemed like it was waiting for me.
  • When I wear a thong to work, I usually keep a pair of panties in my briefcase, just in case. You never know when the feeling of having floss up your butt will get to be too much.
  • It's very sweet when you are laying in bed watching TV and the dog curls up next to you and rests his head on your shoulder. It's not so sweet when you go to brush your teeth and come back to find he's just flopped his body into your spot in the bed.
  • Lately Boomer has taken to finding pieces of paper laying around and chewing them. What's up with that!
  • Boomer doesn't like it when the landing zone (aka where he likes to poop) is full of poops. We must do poop pickup more frequently.
  • The library in the town I work for is the best library in the state, if not the country, if not the world. And the library cult members - I mean staff and board - tell you that every chance they get.
  • I'm kind of tired of hearing about Tom Brady's ankle. Yeah, it may have an impact on his ability to push off when passing, but it's just not as big as if he broke his throwing arm.
  • Go Giants!

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