Monday, January 14, 2008

How 'bout them Giants!

I do so love my NY Football Giants! I do so hate the Dallas Cowboys. No victory is ever as sweet as one against the Cowboys, particularly when we're not supposed to win. Win we did yesterday! It was a great game. The defense just stepped up in the second half - did what they had to do. The secondary had been decimated. One of the dbacks had been on the practice squad earlier in the year. They held it together. The line got pressure on Romo. They virtually shut down TO and Crayton. It was great. I was so excited during the game, I was teaching the dog to high-five. Boomer's a quick study! So - the only disappointing thing? I don't know any Cowboy fans that I can call and razz! Of course - reason for that is - well - what can I say about the character of a Cowboy fan? I see it as a serious character flaw. Anyway - one more thing to say - this was my alternate title - Gotcha Popcorn Ready?

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Lauren said...

Good luck this weekend!! I'll be cheering for the Giants!