Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dog Gone Cute

Yeah - my dog is cute. Two things he did the other day - first he defended his house. We had friends who were parking at our house as we live near an airport and they wanted to save on parking. When they pulled in the driveway, he barked away. That's not the cute part. It was when he was done with the real barking and he did one of those kind of "mfff" barks - not a real bark kind of like "I'm still here, just don't forget it" kind of barks that I think are so cute. Then later - the real cuteness. He was so darn funny. I got on my little stair stepper that I haven't used in ages. He hears me, comes upstairs and starts barking at it. Then he walks closer, still barking and stops, then leans towards it - trying to stay a safe distance away, but leaning in as close as he can to sniff it. It was too funny. Wish I had had a camera!

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Aims said...

Must have camera available AT ALL TIMES!