Monday, April 28, 2008

Retail Therapy

I believe in retail therapy. It works. When you're feeling down and out - don't just put on your Sunday shoes (Hello Dolly fans will get that) go out and buy NEW Sunday shoes! So - I have resolved that when I get THE CALL (see past posts re: professional association) today, if the news is not good, well then, there's nothing to do but engage in some retail therapy. I did this for the first time when a boyfriend broke up with me. I went out and bought 3 new suits. I looked good in them. So good, that I figure when said ex-boyfriend saw me in one of them, he would slap his head, say "what was I thinking dumping her" to which I would reply "F&*@ You Mike!" And walk away happy and proud. It really did help me feel better about myself. I have since been a firm believer in retail therapy. So - I've picked out what I'm going to get and how much I can spend if I need to indulge. I am planning on a cocktail ring of some sort - likely with small diamonds and in white gold, platinum not being in the budget. I also plan to look at a high end handbag in some bright summer color if the budget allows. Of course, if the call has good news - I still plan to spend money as I will need to get a couple of really good suits to wear as I travel the country making speeches to the state associations. So - check back later this afternoon to see if it's rings or suits.

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