Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday's the day - and other thoughts

Monday I will get the call. The Executive Director just let the candidates know that the meeting is on Monday and to be available for the call. So - cross your fingers for me.

This week has turned into my Medical Week. I'm in the midst of a root canal. I had a mole on my face removed last week - stitches out yesterday. I had two more moles removed yesterday. Yesterday's moles were thankfully on my back - so I was prone for the removal. I was sitting up for the one on my face - but when I announced "I feel woozy" they got me prone fast - beyond prone actually so that my head was the lowest point. How fun was that. They got some sugar in me via apple juice. Now that I'm doing WW again - I went home and dutifully calculated how many points in the apple juice!

The weight loss efforts are going pretty well. I'm down under 150 as of this morning. God willing - and will power permitting - I'll never go back over it. It's been harder to lose as I've gotten older, but I know it's possible for me to stay in a healthy range and I intend to do my best to do it. Now if I can only get A to get on the band wagon. I need him healthy so that he is around for a good long time.

The weight loss effort is not just diet. I've been trying to get out there and exercise as well. I take walks daily if I can - sometimes multiple walks if the weather is good because that gets the Boom Doggie exercise too. I'm also trying to do some weight training at least 2 days per week. Being thin isn't the only thing - it's being toned. I really want to get my arms toned. They are larger than the average woman's to begin with, so they really need to be toned. The back is key too - as I have a large one. Someone asked me a couple of months ago if I was a swimmer - because of my broad back. I never thought about it - but could the years that I was swimming competitively have done that? I tend to think not, since I was young - I quit when I was 13 - but maybe. I think it's more likely genetics. Of course, the stomach is key too. I like pilates movements for keeping my core toned.

So - that's pretty much it for now. I plan to post some new garden pictures soon. I'm working on the west side of the house this summer. In fact, I intend to get out there tonight after work and do some major weed pulling. I want to pull a couple of the bushes, try to root some new forsythia with shoots from the bushes we have and then maybe plant a rhododendron as well. I'm going for yellow, pink and purple and low maintenance!

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