Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Out to Sea

Out to sea - yes that's where my cell phone is headed. I was walking the dog and, as is our habit, we stopped at an intersection to look both ways before crossing. Just then, my cell phone popped off. I had it on a holster clipped onto my sweat pants. The whole thing - holster and all came off. Would not have been so bad, but I stopped right over a storm sewer - the kind that is cut into the sidewalk. So - my cell phone hit the pavement and then slid right down into the drain. I couldn't believe it. I got down on the pavement looked in - could not see a thing. We'll have to cancel it and get a new one. I suppose I could ask them to just reactivate my old one. Dang! I liked that phone. It had bluetooth capabilities. It had a camera. It cost a couple hundred dollars. Dang!

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