Sunday, April 27, 2008

Photographic Evidence

Boomer's stuffed dog has lasted about 3 weeks now! Amazing! Don't believe me - here's the photographic evidence.

Next up - our gardens. This summer, I'm taking on the west side of the house. The previous owners had neglected all of the gardens. I think this one had it worst. So - here are some before pictures and some progress pictures. I plan to plant one or two more shrubs and maybe throw in some cuttings of the existing bushes to see if they'll root and fill it in more. Otherwise, I'll get more new shrubbs. We still have to cut down a couple of the ones that are there now and that were never trimmed and shaped so that they would be attractive. We also have some stumps that need to be pulled out - but we're making progressive - here's this photographic evidence.


AlwaysJoy said...

Ooooh Kate I meant to tell you that Jim just transplanted some forsythias this weekend - he went to the nursery and they told him to just cut off sprigs that look young and plop them in the ground covering at least on bud section

Kate B said...

thanks for the tip Joy - I didn't know to cover up any of the buds