Thursday, April 10, 2008

God is determined... teach me patience. I get it. I need to learn it. I am waiting for "THE CALL" about whether or not I will get the presidency of my national professional organization. I have been expecting it to be sometime this week or next, based on when the announcement was made last year. I had kind of fixed in my head that today might be the day. It just seemed appropriate. We had a state organization meeting today - so it would have been awesome timing. I even wore my "interview suit" to the meeting. There's a member of our state organization - a really terrific woman - who is a Past President of the National Org and who has been both friend and mentor to me over the years. I was really hoping to be able to see her today and give her a thumbs up. (Or ask for a shoulder to cry on.) So - we talked today - turns out the Director of our organization is in South America visiting his child who is in school there. She gave me her estimate - based on religious holidays - as to when he would be back and when the nominating committee would therefore most likely be meeting and making the final decision. So - I wait. It is good in a way. I will now not freak each time the phone rings, checking the caller id - wondering if this is "THE CALL" or if it's just some salesman. And I will learn patience. Maybe.

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