Friday, August 15, 2008

25th Reunion

My 25th reunion from college - yikes - was held in June. I didn't go because the timing didn't work for me and because I wasn't sure that any of my friends would be going. I just saw some pictures. Oy. I hope that I don't look like some of these women looked. Some of them look great!

Some of them look like I expected them to look - matronly. I know my age, but I sure don't feel it and I don't think I look it - but some of my classmates - well - they look even older. And one of them I did not recognize. I had no idea who she was. In fact, my first thought was that maybe she was one of the continuing ed students who graduated with us. Nope. Turns out she is someone I was friends with! Honestly - in this picture, she looks like some one's cute grandmother. So - here's hoping that I look more like Colleen and Mary Pat than like Marion and Sue.

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