Friday, August 22, 2008

"Just Relax"

Woman with infertility issues hear it all the time. "Just Relax". Just relax and you'll get pregnant. Any woman who has dealt with infertility for a while has heard it a LOT. It can be pretty annoying - more so depending on your diagnosis. Like for me - just relaxing isn't going to make my eggs any younger. So what do you do? The person saying generally means well, they are just misinformed. So, you smile, maybe try to educate a little and - yes, I'm going to say it - you just relax. What else can you do! The person means well, so no point in getting testy. Just relax, smile, thanks for your interest and move along.

I bring this up today, because yesterday, that was what one of the wives at A's firehouse picnic said to me. She asked if we had kids, I said that no, we can't. Her advice was to just relax. That worked for her. So - I took her advice - just not in the way she intended it. I just relaxed and let roll off my back and went on doing something else.

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Aims said...

Good for you, Kate. It's surprising to me how much my situation has me taking the high road on such things.