Friday, August 08, 2008

My brother is a shithead, part 2 and some pretty pictures

I talked to my mother today. My brother stopped by to visit her. So you say "why the title then?" Well, shithead has been at the Cape for a week, in the next town over and just called yesterday to say he was there, wanted to stop by before leaving. What is up with that? He waits until he's headed home to say "hey, I'm 10 minutes away Mom." Shithead. I suppose though, it's better than him not visiting at all - which he has done before. Mom doesn't know about that. Shithead doesn't know that my sisters and I know. Someday though. Someday boy. Shithead.

Okay - enough about that. It's been a while since I've posted garden pictures. These are a couple of months old - but still lovely. Oh - and of course there's a Boomer picture mixed in. If I get my act together, I will post some more over the weekend. I've gotten my one bigger area looking pretty good with a nice mix of perennials. I'm excited to take some pictures and post them. Anyway - for your viewing pleasure...

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annie said...

My aunt used to do sort of the same thing to my grandmother - she'd be 10 minutes away for a week, and then she'd call her the day she left - but she never went over. I don't get it - it's so lousy to do!