Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear Chris Christie, Get Over It!

Yes, the New York Giants play in East Rutherford, NJ.  But they are still the New York Giants - or the New York Football Giants if you are old school.  Dallas plays in Arlington, Buffalo plays in Orchard Park, Phoenix plays in Glendale and Washington plays in Landover.  So what the stadium is not in New York City, they are still the New York Giants.  Get over it already.  New Jersey is not and never will be New York.  Stop trying to be what you are not.  I'm sure New Jersey has some very fine qualities.  (Please note that that is said with only a tad of sarcasm.)  You need to promote New Jersey's fine qualities and stop trying to compete with New York.  It just isn't happening.  If you keep trying to be New York, you will remain the tacky wannabe.  If you highlight the finer qualities of your state, maybe you can stand on your own as something good.  But give it up with the Giants already.  And while I'm at it - you go Governor Cuomo - you tell him "He should read the helmets,” Cuomo said. “New York Giants.”

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