Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I could have avoided this post.  But, I need to be accountable.  Not that it is helping me any.  I gained this week.  More than I'm happy with.  I did it to myself.  I was pretty good going into the evening that I knew would be a challenge.  I think I could have survived the effect of that night.  But then I ate more - way more - than I should have for lunch on Sunday.  Then went to my brother's girlfriend's house to watch the Giants game, so faced an unplanned challenge and FAILED.  Then had more than I should have for lunch yesterday.  And limited exercise.  So, where to go from here.  Right now, I'm debating between giving myself two weeks to get myself going with doing weight watchers on my own and going back to Medifast.  At the party on Saturday, I found out that two of the other wives are doing Medifast.  One is even becoming a Medifast coach.  It worked for me before, but I have to commit to it.  I tried to do it once without really committing to it and that just doesn't work.  I would also have to be honest about which of their foods work for me and which don't.  It might limit my choices, but maybe that's okay, if it gets me to lose weight. 
I read something on the WW site today that my help.  I need to set myself a concrete goal.  So, I'm going to think about that.  I have the goal of the weight I want to get to, but I need to give myself a timetable.  To say "I need to lose 10 pounds" without giving myself a deadline seems to be leading to my being a little lax about doing what I need to do.  I've been trying to set myself weekly goals, but that's not enough obviously.  So, I'm going to think about a realistic goal - and rewards - and also an exercise program I can commit to.

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