Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A diet post and a knitting post

So, I lost about half a pound.  All things considered, not so bad.  I was only semi-good in dealing with the challenges faced in my business trip.  I did get in some exercise this week, and I was very good with the points leading up to the trip, so I think those factors balanced out the bad.  And then yesterday on the trip home, as I'm snacking on combos I realized that they had salt on them.  I realized I was once again, the night before weighing, semi-sabotaging myself by eating something that would lead to water retention.  I will have two challenges this week - lunch with colleagues today is the first.  That is manageable in two ways.  First, I can choose a healthy entree, second I can adjust what I might normally have for dinner to something that is lower points.  My second challenge this week will be a birthday party for friends.  There I will have to try to manage the quantity that I eat.  I also hope to get some more exercise in this week.

Now for knitting - eight hours on a train is good for knitting!  That was two four hour trips.  A's second sock is almost done.  I probably would have gotten more knitting done, but I hadn't downloaded enough videos to watch on the trip, so at a certain point, I switched to playing games and reading to pass the time.  (I like to have some other distraction while I'm knitting.)  I am almost done with a little sweater for my niece, knit with some of my Rhinebeck stash.  Next I'll be starting on a baby blanket for friends.  The pattern I'm using is one I've been itching to try.  I think it is lovely and classy and a tad Irish.  After that, I'll be digging into knitting an afghan for my future sister-in-law.  I thought I had settled on a pattern, but now I think that it would be too much of a time commitment and I'm honestly not sure that she would appreciate the difficulty involved in it.  Plus, as I'm getting to know her better, I think her style is a little less busy than that pattern.  So I'm looking at patterns with cables, but not too busy.  I may even try to put one of my own together.  My goal is to find something that can be completed in a couple of months.

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