Friday, January 20, 2012

Ding dong the bitch is gone

Actually, multiple bitches are gone.  I did a little facebook purge this week.  I had been meaning to do it for since the start of the year and kept forgetting.  There were some people that I had blocked from seeing my posts for some time and now I have deleted them as friends completely.  I feel a bit of a release there!  These were people who were not positive influences in my life, but I left them on as friends rather than deal with the possible negative consequences of the "unfriend" action.  But now, I felt ready to do a little housecleaning.  So, dear bitch you are no longer in my world and dear not-so-much-a-bitch-but-self-centered-and-holier-than-thou-woman, you're gone too.
And, another bitch is one step more removed from my life.  My brother is divorced.  Yay.  Double Yay actually.  The double yay is because when it was final yesterday, my brother called the house to tell us.  A answered the phone and talked to him, not me.  My brother and my husband are developing a relationship and that just makes me so happy, so double yay!

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