Thursday, January 12, 2012

If you can't say something nice...part two

A grammar school classmate of mine posted recently on facebook that another classmate had passed away recently.  There were the expected "oh how sad" comments.  There were the "he was such a good guy" comments.  None were from me.  My memories of him were all of how mean he was to me in grammar school.  I was surprised to hear how he had such a good heart and was such a nice guy now, as my brother had told me otherwise.  Basically, he was still mean and, sadly, his meanness was still directed at the same age group.  It's not my place to say anything.  The man is dead.  And perhaps, in recent years, he had reformed.  For his sake, for his soul's sake, I hope so.

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loribeth said...

It's funny (or maybe not) how long-lasting those childhood hurts can be. I still haven't quite forgiven some of the people who were mean to me either.