Friday, January 06, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

Yes!  This work week has not been as long as last week - even though it actually is by about 90 minutes.  Last week dragged so bad - I think it was the holiday hangover.  The week before Christmas seemed to fly.  Work is really busy - budgets due, etc.  I had planned a year end recap post.  I had planned a Christmas review.  I had planned a Wednesday happiness post.  Didn't happen - any of them.  I might still try to do a post on how last year went for me.  As for Christmas, aside from dinner on Christmas Eve being just a tad late for my taste, it was all good.  Is it awful of me to say that I was happy with my presents?  You know - sometimes you get that present that just makes you say "huh?"  Especially the ones where the giver says "I saw this and just thought of you."  And you are sitting htere thinking "Seriously?"  but saying "oh how lovely!"  I'm sure I've given my fair share of them.  None of those this year.  Of course - the soon to be ex-SIL is not in the picture and she was always a good one for those.  I didn't see any of my family this year for Christmas - the first time ever - so that was kind of sad.  And A had to work Christmas Day and night, but we got to spend plenty of time together, so no sadness there.
January is not my favorite month.  It's cold.  Work is really busy.  And there are sad memories.
But life goes on.  I can wallow in self-pity or look for the good in my world and that's what I choose to do. 

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