Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Almost there

I'm down another 1.5 lbs, so now just 2.5 lbs from my goal.  Yay me!  I think I have a good chance of making my goal before I head to my confence in two weeks - where I will surely gain.  So, then I'll hope back on the wagon and get back down.  After that, I need to work on how I stay down.  One thing I'm thinking about is to plan to diet on a regular basis - like one month on, one month off.  Keeping up the exercise will clearly be key.  I really don't want to creep back up - so I've got to keep an eye on the weight and never let it get more than a pound or two out of line.


Joy said...

Yay Kate!!! Congrats

loribeth said...

Good for you!! Having done WW before, I know how hard those last few pounds are. Hang in there!

Mali said...

I'm impressed! I hope you feel justifiably proud.