Tuesday, May 08, 2012

bummer weigh in

I gained.  It wasn't entirely unexpected, but still - bummer.  I cheated multiple times this week and I paid for it when I weighed in this morning.  So, back on the wagon, must do better.  I shouldn't be facing any major challenges this week, but if one does show up, I need to show restraint.  I also need to keep up the exercise.  I don't have that much further to go, which should be my incentive to stick to it, not a license to relax.


Jen said...

Good luck! I am in a holding pattern, no more loss or gain. I cheated a bit too over the weekend, but got right back on track yesterday. My motto is "taking it day by day".

Mali said...

You're doing great. After illness I'm just trying to get started! Though I guess at least I'm getting back into the exercise habit first.