Thursday, May 03, 2012

Highway Musings

I wish there was a way to let other drivers know when you see a problem with their car.  I was behind someone today who had only one brake light working.  I really would have loved to have been able to tell her - but unless I had the opportunity to pull up next to her at a light, how would I?  There needs to be a way.
I really get annoyed - said it many times before - by people who ignore stop signs.  The worst are those who don't even pretend to pause.  And the people who don't want to wait in the left turn only lane because it's too long - so they go in the center lane and try to cut over at the last minute.  I wish I had a sign that I could flash at them that said "ASSHOLE". 
I also don't understand how oblivious some people seem to be on the highway.  Driving in the left lane, not keeping up to speed, totally unaware of the line of cars building up behind them.
And lights on when wipers are on!  I'm not sure if it's a law in all states.  It's what I was taught.  I wish that my car would do it automatically - yes lazy, I know.  My car has an auto on thing for lights - it determines when it is dark enough outside that you need lights on.  If I turn them on when I turn my wipers on, I'm always afraid of forgetting to turn them off.  So, wouldn't it be nice if there was some way that when you turn your wipers on in the daylight, your lights went on as well? 

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Jen said...

OMG...I felt these same things today driving into work. It was so foggy and raining, I can't tell you how many cars I saw with no lights on, I wanted to "scream" at them (which I did inside my car, but of course they didn't hear me...UGH!)