Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Even Steven

No gain, no loss this week, it's just even steven.  I'm not complaining.  Having been down the weight loss path many times before, I know that if I weigh myself again tomorrow, I'll probably see movement.  I wasn't perfect on the diet.  In fact, on Sunday, I was just jonesing for something sweet - so I went and got it.  I also didn't get in as much exercise as I normally would.  I hope that isn't the case this week - though I know I likely won't get exercise today as it is pouring.  Well, I could do an exercise video after work - so maybe I will.  On the other hand, my left achilles has been a little cranky, so maybe I should rest it.
Now, another challenge I'm facing is getting A on the weight loss bandwagon.  He will do really well, watching what he eats and working out for a while, then something derails him and he stops and just goes back to bad habits.  I have to say that I don't think his eating is that bad right now - at least not what I'm seeing.  It may be portion size more than content, but he's not working out at all and he's gained back the weight he lost when he started cross fit last year.  I don't get it because when he's working out and getting in shape, he feels so good about himself.  I encourage him, things go well - then something gets in the way of his workout schedule and that's it - he's done.  It's hard not to nag.  It's hard to find a way to encourage him to lose weight without making him feel bad about himself.  But I've got to find a way.  I see the FDNY Lt who died in a fire recently and the man was overweight.  More so than A is, but A's weight scares me with his job. The Lt didn't die from burns or crush injuries or smoke inhalation, they say it was a heart attack.  I look at him, then I look at A and I'm scared that it could happen to him.  And I don't know how to get him to be more fit.  I may have to go on a sex strike again.  It's worked before - get right down to what drives a man!


Jen said...

I have the same issue with my hubby. We started going to the gym back last year in mid-November when I quit my old job and started my new one. I figured with my difference in hours, we had more time to do this together (my hubby works from home mostly). We were going strong for almost 3 months and I was the one always pushing us and once I stopped, he stopped. He had even started to go during the day himself while I was at work, but then that stopped too. He has the issue with portion control as well so it isn't the things he eats that are so bad, it is definitely the quantity. I too worry about him being overweight because he does have heart and cholestrol issues that run in his family. I try my hardest not to nag him and he knows I do the Fitnesspal everyday, but he shows no interest in tracking his food. It is so hard to figure out. I think it can't come from me about his weight, needs to come from someone outside like a doctor. I just know I can't control him and I have decided that I need to do what is best for me. It still hurts though. Best of luck to you on your weight loss and getting healthier journey.

Mali said...

I'll agree too. I find it hard enough to be strong for myself, but resent having to be strong for both of us, resent having to always be the one who says "no" or "we shouldn't."