Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Happiness is....

....a doggie playmate.  Boomer has one now!  Last summer our neighbors adopted a rescue dog.  She was very skittish when she arrived.  She didn't seem to like other dogs and growled at Boomer at their first meeting.  We've tried to slowly get them to know each other.  It's been funny to watch.  They'll bring her over (our back yard is fenced in, theirs is not) and she would sit there.  Boomer would try to entice her to play, but nothing.  With treats, corrections, encouragement, at first we just got them to be in the yard together with no growling or anything.  Then a couple of weeks ago, Boomer was running with one of Jessie's owners and she started to join in - but would then stop.  And she would only join if her owner was running too.  Last weekend, Boomer tried to get her to chase him - and she did!  It was awesome.  He went up to her, made a move, ran off - and she followed.  Two doggies slept very well that night.  It's been awesome to watch Jessie come out of her shell.  She's a sweet girl and it's fun to watch the dogs play together.

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