Tuesday, May 15, 2012

back in the right direction

The scale is moving my way again.  Yay!  I expected it.  I think last week was an aberration.  Truth is, I was down a little more mid-week, but I cheated on Sunday.  As you might expect, Mother's Day is not the easiest of days for women like me, who went through so much trying to be a mother, but not ending up there.  So, on Sunday, I had what I wanted.  A bagel with cream cheese for breakfast.  Another one as a snack.  I do love bagels!  They are not a regular part of my diet, usually a treat, but I hadn't even done that in ages.  And I had cupcakes.  Those little mini ones.  At one point, I was doing pretty good and thought "I don't need any more of those cupcakes" - there were 8 left at that point - but then, well, something set me off and those 8 cupcakes went down.  And now?  They didn't really make me feel better, in fact I felt a bit guilty eating them, knowing they were doing nothing positive for me.  I didn't feel guilty about the bagels at all though!  So next time I need a little comfort food, it will be bagels.  Anyway, the upcoming week does not look to have any challenges.  I wasn't able to exercise last night and won't be able to tonight - but the rest of the week looks good for that.  I am trying to get some weight work in for my arms and I'm doing stomach exercises too.  I'm even - GULP - giving some thought to maybe buying a bikini again. 


Jen said...

Good job on the scale movin...my hasn't. I also cheated on Sunday. We had company all day and did grilled pizza, fourberry pie for dessert and SkinnyGirl cocktails too. I did ok with the pizza, but the pie is what got me and there is still more than half of it left, sitting in my fridge...UGH. It has definitely been calling my name and I thought about dumping in the garbage last night, but it is so so good. Sweets are my big downfall for sure. I love bagels too, but only purchase them occasionally. I really need to start exercising, but just can't find the motivation in the evenings. I even clipped out of a magazine some great exercises to do for stomach and arms and well there are sitting on our coffee table, just steering at me...need to get moving...UGH!

sheknows said...

Wonderful narrative posts ....went through them...Keep writing and sharing the happiness :)

Would love to see you in my blog space too :)