Monday, November 17, 2008

Even if I didn't know it was Monday...

...I would know. It started off with me looking for my house keys. They were not by the door where I normally leave them. They were not in the coat I wore to the store yesterday. They were not in the jeans I wore yesterday. Not in my bedroom, not in the car, not in my purse, not in the basket with the spare car keys. It was looking like doggie was not getting his morning walk, when I realized it was Monday. I did something smart and then promptly forgot. I had already put my winter coat on because it was barely above freezing. This coat has a multitude of pockets. So, as I loaded up with poopie bags, I also put my house keys in one of the pockets where I thought they would be safest - least likely to fall out when picking up poops. I zipped up the pocket and forgot I had done it.

Then of course - still being Monday - we run into the animal I lovingly refer to as the Fucking Dachshund. (Apologies to my friends/readers who have adorable dachshunds.) We seem to always cross paths around the same spot on our morning walks. As I approach the end of S Avenue, I look through this one yard down M Street to see if the damn dog is coming. Well, he was. Boomer and I quickly cross the street, but the dachshund starts barking at him, getting Boomer all excited. I just really didn't need that.

Then, get to work. I know I have one staff member who needs to be out soon for surgery. I've been trying to balance his needs with the one who wants to be with her daughter when she has her baby. I was hoping that the dates would coordinate a little so I could accommodate the one to some extent since I have no choice with the other and do this all while not placing too large a burden on myself and the one other staff member who is going to want time off in January when her daughter gives birth. Well, I got the surgery date today and it won't be easy. Oh - and did I mention that December is when I have to wrap up the audit filing, send my audits off to a dozen places and file for the coveted CAFR award, start working on not just my budget but helping other people with theirs? We'll have to see what we can manage. ARRGH! Is it Friday yet?

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