Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two for Tuesday

Well - it's really Three for Tuesday. That's how many times I've been to Home Depot today. This all started with both of us being off, so some projects needed to get done. One was to level the fridge. The fact that it wasn't level was causing us to not have a seal on the freezer, which caused problems. The second project was to replace the faucet on the bathroom sink. This turned into replacing the sink itself. After we - well Aron - got started, it turned into one of those experiences that only people who own old homes can really truly appreciate. So - three trips to Home Depot, but it's finally in, working and beautiful. Now, back to the fridge. While Aron's been doing his thing, I've been trying to rein in the paper explosion in the attic office/guest room. I really need to find out how long I should save bills and such, because I think I keep way more than I need to keep. The other thing I need to do is set myself the task of once per month, sorting through the bills and paperwork and toss, shred and file as appropriate. It's my best shot at keeping it under control.

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annie said...

I set that same goal for myself about once a year.

Since I set it every year, it obviously doesn't stick around to become a habit. :-)