Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterback

Okay - I'm not really being a Monday Morning Quarterback - but I am blogging about football. Last night, my beloved NY Giants beat the hated Philadelphia Iggles. I hate night games though. It messes with my bedtime. I do admit that I will sometimes turn the Giants off if a night game is going really late - but usually only if they have the game in hand or it's out of hand. I can't do that when they are playing the Iggles though. Remember The Fumble? I do. Joe Pisarcik to Larry Csonka to Herman Edwards for a touchdown. Only problem is - the last guy on the play was not a Giant. All they had to do was take a knee. Somethings we just never get over. Anyway - last night, the Giants controlled the game. They also beat a couple of challenges - one because of a quirky rule - that the QB is not over the line of scrimmage if one part of his body remains behind the line. Last night, that one part was Eli Manning's heel. Yup - his heel. Hey - we'll take it. I had two concerns last night - the defensive secondary gave up a few too many long passes for my liking and we had to settle for field goals twice when down in the red zone. But - we won the game. I'm a little tired, but happy.

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