Thursday, November 13, 2008

a yucky Thursday

It's grey and dismal and wet out. This is the kind of day that is made for staying inside by a fire with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book to read. Instead, I had to be at work early for a meeting with the big shots to decide how to close our anticipated budget gap. We also discussed what to expect in the coming budget. So - not a fun topic. We are not at the point of layoffs. We are delaying projects though. That has turned one of my favorite department heads into a whiny little boy. Hey - we're just doing what needs to be done.
Anyway - life is good in other areas. I need to do some tidying up around the house today, but in general the regular cleaning schedule is really working. I am managing to stay under my goal weight. It will be a challenge with all of the holidays and associated parties coming up - not to mention two weddings and A's high school reunion. Yes - I am going. He wised up and invited me. I'm having fun with my camera. I'll be showing off some more pictures tomorrow. The Boom Doggie is as entertaining as ever - like last night when he was trying to figure out how to navigate the stairs with a big stuffed animal in his mouth. He ended up giving up!
So - onto tomorrow - Friday! My favorite day of the week!

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