Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday, but no photos?

I promise - photos coming soon.  Maybe tomorrow.  I'm working my butt off on a Shetland Triangle Shawl for a friend of mine.  If you go back to around Sept or Oct of 2009, you'll see the light blue one I made for myself.  This past fall, I wore mine to a fundraiser for the son of my friend.  He was born with a condition that caused one side of his skull to not grow properly.  He was also born without a right ear.  He needs periodic surgery for his skull and recently had surgery to give him an ear.  Much of the cost is outside their insurance coverage, hence the fundraiser.  So - that night when I wore my shawl, my friend said "Oh, I like that.  I want one."  She's been through a lot of crap, including the money raised at that fundraiser being stolen, and she always keeps a real good outlook.  So I wanted to do something nice for her - hence the knitting.  I should have started this back then, but didn't.  I thought about it again when I realized we are going to another fundraiser for her son on Sunday. So, last week, I got some yarn and got cracking.  I am into my 9th and last repeat, then need to do the edging rows. I expect to have it done sometime Saturday afternoon, and will then block it - and take pictures.  Given our good heat and maybe help from a fan, I expect it to be dry and ready to gift on Sunday afternoon.  And may I add - her son is just one of the most amazing kids.  He can have his moments like any kid - but that's the thing - he's got this condition and issues - but he's just a typical 9 year old kid. 

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