Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One of the Great Mysteries of Life...

....is women's clothing sizes!  There is no consistency, no rhyme or reason.  Right now, I'm wearing a Calvin Klein suit, size 8 pants - and they are not tight.  I'm 10 lbs over what I consider my ideal weight.  Okay 12 lbs.  How the heck am I fitting into size 8 pants?  Friendly sizing, that's how.  I have size 10 pants that I can button, but they are so freaking uncomfortable - I feel like a sausage in them.  Different clothing companies have different sizing.  Ann Taylor has friendly sizing.  I would expect right now to be in a size 8 with them.  I know with other clothing companies, I would be struggling to be in size 12 right now.  I think that AT does it because you feel good about yourself if you are wearing an 8.  And think about it - when I'm thinner - should I be looking at an AT 6?  Well no, even with them, it would be a stretch for me to get in a 6.  You really, really have to know your size in every company's clothing lines.  I ten to buy a lot of AT because I know my size with them and their clothing is stylish and classic.  Size charts on line don't always help.  Based on my bust size, many companies say I should be in a large or a 14.  For some, that is true.  I bought some stuff online a few months ago and based on their charts, I bought a large.  Big mistake.  I'm a medium.  Easy returns, thankfully and now I know.  Now - shall I get started on bras?  I buy one brand usually because I know what my size is with them.  But if they don't have the style I need - it can be hell to find a bra that fits properly.  You and I could be the same size, but your girls sit closer together than mine, so what works for you just isn't happening for me.  I really need to go to one of those specialty shops in the City and get fitted by someone who knows what they are doing.  I don't believe the "fitters" in places like Victoria's Secret or Nordstroms really knows.
Based on my experience with disparity in sizes, I now understand how magazines will say "Oh, so and so is a size 6" when I'm looking and thinking "My ass she's a size 6."  Maybe she is - in the right clothing line.  I really do wish there was more standardization.  I could handle being a size 10 across the board.  That would be better than being an 8 here and a 12 there.  But shoot - even within the same line there can be issues.  I have 3 pairs of jeans, all bought at the same time, same waist size, same length.  One pair I can only wear when I'm at that ideal weight.  One pair is loose at the ideal weight, but still looks good and looks good through my current weight.  One pair is loose at my current weight, so I only wear that pair if wearing a top that doesn't tuck in or a sweater so you can't see the issues at the waistline.  And they are all the same size, bought the same day, washed and dried in the same manner.   One of the great mysteries of life!

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