Monday, March 28, 2011

NS is a weanie

I'm sticking with initials because that's my habit, but this time, it's also a little paranoid self-preservation as well.  I'm also even changing his initials slightly to protect the innocent - which is me.  I need to get this out,but I don't want it getting back to the fucking weanie.  NS is a weanie.  He may have a penis (the balls are in doubt) but he is not a man.  NS is a volunteer firefighter where I work and a paid firefighter elsewhere.  He and my husband don't see eye to eye.  NS was sitting in the audience at a meeting a month or so ago, waiting his turn.  He was chatting with other members of his volunteer department and saying how much we say because we don't have a paid department.  That is true.  He was also saying how much his department costs.  Probably also true.  He was going on and on about it.  After the meeting, I mention this to my husband.  Being a true union guy, A was a bit pissed.  Apparently it's a big no-no to promote volunteer departments at the expense of a paid department.  So, A sends NS an e-mail saying "you shouldn't do that and btw, my wife knows people in your union and if you pissed her off enough, she might call them."  Well, guess that didn't go over too well with NS.  It didn't really go over too well with me either.  I've asked A in the past not to rile these guys up - seriously they think they are hot stuff, but they aren't that great and yes, they save us money - but they waste money, so we should really be saving more.  But, whatever.  I can ask A to stay away from them but I can't control him.  So - anyway - weanie NS can't deal with A himself.  Can't call him out, can't face - NS is just not a man.  So - what does NS do?  He calls my boss.  I get called into the boss's office and get asked to control my husband.  NS feels "threatened" by me.  And A doesn't really get that he's at fault here.  He didn't need to call NS out on what he said.  But he feels superior to him.  He is superior to him.  But NS will never recognize that - so what's the point of trying to beat it into him!  And now - I'm sure NS feels all full of himself that he brough me in line because he went to my boss and had me talked to.  Happy Fucking Monday.

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